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Alice's London Adventures in Wonderland

Written & Illustrated by Sarah Elizabeth Beaumont

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A re-telling of this classic story for readers of all ages.

When Alice follows the White Rabbit down the subway at Knightsbridge, she embarks on an adventure, which takes her on a whistle-stop tour of some of London’s most famous landmarks.

Alice meets a host of extraordinary characters including a technophobic Hatter in Regents Park, a shisha-smoking Caterpillar on the Edgware Road, a grinning Cheshire Cat in Camden Town, a parking-penalty-paranoid Mock Turtle at Mornington Crescent, and a benevolent Pearly Queen in London Zoo.

While Alice is challenged by questions relating to her own identity, she has a bigger riddle to solve – how to get to the masked ball and, more importantly, how to keep her head in the process.

In this new take on Alice in Wonderland, Sarah Elizabeth Beaumont uses her skill and wit to engineer a modern parody of Lewis Carroll’s well-loved classic, bringing it to life in the streets and underground tunnels of London, where its time-honoured references take on a renewed relevance to daily life.

This delightful tale is both ingenuous and inventive, accompanied by new and enchanting illustrations by the author that pay homage to Sir John Tenniel’s original pen and ink drawings, more than one hundred years on.

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